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Company Profile

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Company Profile
    Beijing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. focus on drop filter development of energy-saving technologies and products, quartz sand, ceramic, multi-media, activated carbon, manganese sand, fabric filters draw on the basis of merit, the successful development of new energy-saving technologies microfiltration and products. Under appropriate conditions, can achieve high-precision (0.1μm), high flow (up to several tons hour traffic), low cost (the cost of a few cents tons). Widely used in groundwater, surface water, sewage, water treatment, it can also be used washing machine lye recovery, ultrafiltration pretreatment, circulating cooling water filter to remove biological slime. You can even filter the entire river, river pollution promote recovery of ecological balance.
In order to make this new technology faster and more widely used in energy-saving and environmental protection industry, the company introduced a variety of incentives, including equipment outlets, equipment leasing, hire purchase, equipment modification, replacement, equipment demonstrations, etc.,
Energy saving is a great and permanent career, products can be constantly updated, and technical services but will never be outdated, no matter how good our products can not solve all the user requirements, so we hope and numerous domestic and foreign counterparts to cooperate in their own expertise and expert team to achieve set the world filtration technology, customer service for the world, to create a filter professional equipment and technical service platform.


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